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Sussex Tornados Staff

The Sussex Tornados are a completely voluntary run cheerleading programme, and could not continue to run successfully without the staff below giving up their time and giving every thing they can to making them what they are today.

Head Coaches:

Lianne Weston & Helen Best

Lianne Weston and Helen Coe are both qualified cheerleading coaches at Masters level NCSSE and fully credentialled to Level 5 USASF.They formed The Sussex Tornados Cheerleaders back in 1998 when there was just 8 members. They now have squads that total120 active members which consists of the following:

Prep/Mini Cheer Level 1, Peewee/Youth Cheer Level 2, Junior Coed Cheer Level 3, Senior Allgirl Cheer Level 4 and Senior Coed Cheer Level 5/6.

They have over their time travelled and competed with The Sussex Tornados all over England & Scotland and worldwide to Denmark, Norway, Japan, USA, Germany, Malaysia and Russia.

They were asked to compete at the ICU World Championships as part of 'Team UK 2005' and travelled to Tokoyo, Japan.

In June 2006 they were also asked to be part of the 'Stunt and Cheer Allstars' who competed at Loughborough University at the Future Cheer National Championships.

While Helen took the Junior Coed Stunt team to compete in Norway at the European championships, Lianne travelled to Malaysia with the British Cheerleading Association and taught thousands of cheerleaders and judged their National and regional competitions.

Lianne occasionally trains other squads around the UK on behalf of the British Cheerleading Association and as a qualified judge, she joins the BCA judging panels at their regional competitions.

Lianne was again successful and became part of 'Team UK 2008' and travelled to Orlando, Florida to compete at the World Cheerleading Championships.

Lianne has also received an award for Best Coach/Manager 2010 in the Community stars awards which were voted by readers of the Worthing Hearld and Littlehampton Gazzette.

Lianne presented her 1st NCSSE coaches course in November 2010, she now has the pleasure in qualifying brand new coaches of cheerleading teams around the country.

Lianne has also been part of the " I Love Tour" staff team for 2 years in Rimini Italy teaching and working with university teams from the UK.

Phil Jefferys

Phil has been with the Tornados since the day they started in 1998, he has coached gymnastics over the years to all squads of all ages. he is an asset to the Tornados Coaching staff and leads them in progression. He has recently become the Chairman or their board of trustees and shares the same dream that the Tornados will grow and becoming a larger more recognised chairty in our community.

Assistant Coaches:

Carley Johnson & Ben Barnard

Both Carley and Ben are qualified USASF Cheer coaches to Level 5, and are now a huge part of the coaching staff at Sussex Tornados.

Carley has been Part of the Sussex Tornados team since 1999, she has travelled with them to Russia, Denmark, USA, Japan and Germany. She has become a huge part of the coaching staff over the last couple of years, coaching the Prep/Mini team aged 5 to 9, and assisting with Junior Coed Level 3 and Senior Allgirl Level 4, as well as coaching tumbling to all ages. Carley also travels around the UK coaching other teams, as well as regularly coaching a local team. Carley is also training to become a NCSSE Presenter.

Ben has been cheering with The Sussex Tornados since 2004 when his 1st competition was in South Carolina USA. He coaches the Tornados on their tumbling and assists to coach the Junior Coed Level 3 and Senior Allgirl Level 4. He has been a member of the "i love Tour" team in both Solou, Spain and Rimini, Italy and he will be returning this year as Tour Director. He is a member of the Top Stunt allstar team and leads the Sussex Tornados Coed team in their partner stunting skills.

Kelly Boiling and Alison Burns

Kelly and Alison coach the Peewee/Youth Level 2 cheer squad, aged 10 to 12, who returned from the ICC southern area championships with 3rd place earlier this year.

Kelly has been a member of the Sussex tornados Since 2001, she has competed with them all over the uk, europe and in the USA. She has been coaching the youth team since 2006.

Alison has been a member of the sussex Tornados since 1999, she has also competed all over the UK, europe and in the USA. Alison started coaching the mini team in 2006 and moved onto the youth team in 2009.

Kirstie Wilson and Summer Colbourne

Kirstie and Summer are the youngest members of the Sussex Tornados Coaching staff, they are both active members of the Senior Coed team. The Sussex Tornados hope to develop Kirstie and Summer to be fully qualified coaches. They currently assist Carley Johnson in the coaching of the youngest of the Tornados team, and they are progressing quickly into excellent cheer coaches.

Board of Trustees:

Phil Jefferys - Chairman

Lil Weston - Treasurer

Stevie Coe - Secretary

Lianne Weston - Head Coach

Helen Best - Head coach

Carley Johnson - Squad Representative

Pete Weston - Board Member

Julie Mircovik - Board Member