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Tornados 1st five years in pics

This page will show all the places we have been since we started in 1998.

It is in the process of being completed so please be patient and keep checking for more and more photsos.

 This was the first ever camp the Sussex Tornados attended back in 1998, We had a squad of 8 girls who most were new to cheerleading. We travelled to Londons Canary wharf and attended the WCA camp which is where we learnt our first stunts and motions.

this was just the beginning for the tornados, We met loads of fellow cheerleaders and learnt loads from the Americans.

This is where our journey began!!

We made our first public apperance along side The Babettes Cheerleaders at their home ground of Brentford Football club. This was the first time the squad got to perform what they had learnt and wear our new uniforms. We had a great day, We even got to meet Graham Norton who was the Mascot there that day.

We then Made our way to our first ever competition, The sussex Tornados dont do anything by half, So our First Comp was in Germany held at the Warner Bros Movie World, and what a competition it was!

We travelled by minibus, Overnight it took hours but it was so worth it when we got there.

Check out below some more photos of our first Ever Comp!!

We were lucky when we got there that the Ascention Eagles were there, and we stuck with them. It was nice to have another english squad who supported us the whole time. This was the first time we met AEC and please to say we still meet with them at competitions now.

 We returned from Germany more confident than you can imagine, we Did a performance after this at Worthing Seafront Fayre, This was a charity Event where we Performed our competition routines infront of a big crowd. It was nice to perform and show off what we had learnt since day one.

We were advancing more and more since Going to germany, and we were loving every minuite of it!

This is us performing infront of the crowds. We used this as a practice for our next cometition which was going to be The British Cheerleading Associations Nationals, This was to be held at Norwich University. We had only ever been to a competition abroad so this to us was a new experience!!

We travelled to Norwich University by minibus, and we were staying on campus. This was a great weekend, we got to perform our routines, and best of all, we met loads of cheerleaders, and spent most of the time mixing with other squads who were really friendly, and we all shared knowledge of the sport and again we came away learning so much! Check out the photos below!

We met An american in norwich called Jennifer, and we learnt so much from her, she taught us new stunts, new techniques, and made a life long friend. Jennifer was staying in england at the time, but now she is back in the usa, she still stays in touch and checks to see how the squad is doing.

we started cheering for our local Basketball team Worthing Thuder, This is us at their home ground in Durrington, Worthing. this was a picture that was taken for the paper. We used to cheer for all homes games on a saturday night. It was really good practice for us, although not the best crowd to cheer infront of, we still enjoyed every minuite of it.

we went on cheering for Worthing thunder and preparing for more and more comptitions.

We have attended nearly all of BCA's Nationals since day one of the Sussex Tornados, and also Their Regional Competitions, known as the southern Classics.

The Southern Classics held at Guildford 2 years ago was the first comp for our first lad Darren, He came along and competed in the Group stunt division, The second lad Ben joined us last year with his first comp being Canam in America, Since the lads joined we have been competing in Coed divisions at all comps, and boy are they tough, but till this day we are working hard and advancing greatly. Check out all the pics below!!

for all America photos please check out the Canam Page here.

Since going to America, we have travelled about quite a bit, we have competed at UKCA every year, BCA regionals Northern and Southern, Plus Nationals.Our juniors went to Oslo in Norway in 2006, Seniors went to Moscow in Russia 2005 and we travelled to Scotland early last year. We will update this page with more photos and details shortly.