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We Returned from Scotland with 2 2nds and a 5th and we had a wicked time, and made loads of new friends, and the team bonded like never before!?

Senior Coed Elite - 2nd (Huge Trophy)

Senior Dance - 5th Place (Huge trophy)

Senior Coed Group Stunt - 2nd

Place (not so huge but still ours)

We had a fantastic weekend, Was a long journey we left Littlehampton at 5.30am on Friday morning, and we travelled for 13 hours, we arrived in Dundee at our hotel where we curled our hairs and got prepared for the first day of competition.

We only competed in Coed on the first day we struggled as we are used to competing on a 7 strip floor, and when we got there they only had 6 strips. We were worried first of all as we didnt think we could get our tumbles in, on the first day we left the tucks off incase there wasnt enough room, but after our first day we were more prepared for the space we had, so on the Sunday when we competed in Coed we were 100% better. Senior dance was AMAZING!! We wasnt to sure how people were going to take it, but were very impressed by the way we had the whole place up clappin us, they loved us! With 14 in our catagory and 10 of them were dance school so not bad, as all is done in house!!

The stunt groups done the best they could, Electric Candy were amazing, and they had a lot of stuff that we had never seen before, so Fair play to them, they deserved their 1st place, but we were so proud of our 2nd. All girl were as sturdy as ever, and they had the hardsest catagory but they performed great, they worked hard and i know they will continue to get the rewards the deserve.

Sussex Tornados had a fantastic trip and like always we have the best fun ever!!! Another successful trip, bring on the next one!!

While we were away It Was Ashley Bretts 16th Birthday so we made sure she had a fab time, photos of this below!

Below is the the pictures of us practicing before we went.

Senior Dance is sooooo Fast but hey i think we finally cracked it and it is looking Awesome!!

All Girl and Coed Group Stunt are looking Great, Got Loads in them both of them, pics of these will be up shortly, but more than enough in both them, Back Tuck X out is a little scary but well worth it!!

Senior Coed is Awesome!!!! Motions are tight, jumps are high and then the stunts just top it off, STC have worked really hard and hopefully this will show when we get to perform in Dundee!!