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Welcome To our Guestbook....... Most Recent Messages at the bottom of the page.

Please leave us your messages for 2011, you can enter your message HERE!!

If you would like to contact us direct please do so with the details listed HERE!!

If you wish to view 2010 & previous years messages you can find them here.

Thank you for your continued support.


Lianne, Helen, Carely, Ben, Kelly, Alison and Kirstie.

STC Coaches

Date: 1st January 2011

Email: [email protected]

We the coaches would like to wish all our members a Very Happy New Year. We are very excited about the year to come. We cant wait for the training, competitions and fun to come. :-) Good Luck to all other Cheerleading squads for the Year! Sussex Tornados look forward to seeing you all throughout the year.


Date: 3rd February 2011

Squad: STC

Good luck on Saturday to STC Prep & Peewees in the first comp of 2011. Hope you all have fun!


Date: 4th January 2011

Squad: STC

Good Luck to our 5 to 9 years olds and 10 to 12 years olds at their 1st ICC Competition tomorrow! Cant wait to see you all on the floor in your uniforms looking awesome!! Results will be posted asap so check back soon.

Carley Johnson

Date: 7th February 2011

Squad: STC!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to the preps and peewees for their competition on Saturday, you were all fantastic, Second and third places are huge achievements.... back to practise on Wednesday ready to get new rountines for next one... I am really proud of all of you xxx Carley xxx


Date: 6th July 2011

Well the time has come for the Sussex Tornados to move to their new home "Cheer Revolution" their very own cheer gym, meaning they can train more and double the amount of members we currently have. So No More Waiting Lists, we welcome anyone aged 5 + to come and be part of our Allstar Cheerleading Programme, whether you have done it before or a complete novice you will be placed on a team to suit your age and ability. We have an Open Day on Saturday 16th July 2011 for anyone wanting to come and look at our new gym, and for anyone who would like to join to come and enrol. We would like to thank everyone who made this possible, as we move into the 14th year of The Sussex Tornados we could never have dreamt it would grow so much for us to have our own Gym! It would not of been possible with out the coaches and trustees who give up their time voloutary to give the cheerleaders somewhere to go throughout the week whilst learning allstar cheerleading routines. So HUGE Thank you!!

 Lianne Weston

Date: 18th July 2011

Email: [email protected]

Well Saturdays open day of our new gym was a great success, between us and our fundraising team down at linden park we rasied a hug £511.00 So a huge Thank you!! We recruited a large number of new members, who had the chance to use our floor, and sprung tumble strip and got coaching from one of our Qualified Coaches. Thank you to everyone that has made Cheer Revolution possible especially Lil and pete Weston who spent 2 full weeks making it look how it does. Thank you to Chauffeur Taxis for supporting us over the past 13 Years. Next up guys we have our Funday on Sunday 7th August 2011 @ Wick Football club!!