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STC Travelled to Germany by coach on the 24th May 2007, we travelled over night and arrived at our hotel early Friday morning. It was a long old journey but well worth it.

We competed in the following divisions

Partner Stunt - Lianne Weston & Ben Barnard - 19th place

Coed Group Stunt - 11th Place

Senior All Girl Group Stunt - 17th Place

Senior Coed Cheer - 10th place

Senior Cheer Dance. - 14th place

In each division there was so many teams, its not like over here where they split the division, in All Girl group stunt alone there was 31 teams..... so we were well chuffed with our results. We have been to the same competition 4 times, and all the other times we were miles behind all of them, but this year we krept a bit closer.

We qualified in Senior Cheer Dance and recieved a Bid to World 2008 which will be held in Disney Land orlando Florida!!!! We dont know if we will accept the bid as we have a lot of commitments already for next year, but we will try our best.

We did each routine the best we could and was very proud of the whole team, but the best part of the weekend was the evenings and the Theme park, we put up with the rain on the Sunday but it didnt stop the fun......

Below are some pictures of our weekend.

Duffy in the Foyer of the hotel , Pure Entertainment....

There is plenty more photos to be added so please keep checking back!!