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The Sussex Tornados travelled to Essen Germany to compete in the Elite Cheerleading Championships, They left Thursday 2nd june 2005. unfortunately the whole squad could not attend due to GCSE's and other commitments, but those who could had a brilliant time.

We arrived after travelling through the night on the friday morning, very tired as not much sleep was had on the coach. We got there and went into town to get some food, where we found a small lawn, where we practiced some stunts and got into the mood for the competition the following day.

The rest of the tornados lay about in the sun or was off shopping or sleeping!

   The above pictures is of where the competition was held, to us it was Studio 7 with practice in Studio 4. But it was a great venue. 4 of the Tornados are originals and have been with the squad since the start, they have travelled to germany twice before, but it wasnt as good as this year. We had a great team, we were there to enjoy ourselves and we definately did that.

The competition was amazing, the squads competiting were in a completely different legue to us, but we held our own! all our stunts hit and we were more than proud with our performances.

We competed in All girl group stunt, Senior Dance, and Senior Coed, and for the first year ever we competed in Senior Parnter Stunt, Taking into account that everytime we practiced this before we went, the stunts were not hitting and we never once finished on time with the music! but we had nothing to lose so we went and gave it our all, and more than happy we hit every stunt, and finished dead on the music!! So the competition was a success, we enjoyed every minuite on the mat, and all that was left was for us the British to hit the Theme Park! GERMANY MOVIE PARK HERE WE COME!

These are pictures of The Tornados in the theme park, some of the rides here have got Tornado's on them but funny enough you cant tell who is who.

Check out the photos below, and hopefully you will get a slight idea of how much fun we had!?

The photos below are from the Rides we went on, By the end of the trip we knew where every camera was and was ready to pose for each and everyone of them.

We had an amazing time in Germany, and hopefully will return with the whole squad. It was an amzing experience and also a brilliant chance for the squad to bond and have fun.