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Future Cheer July 2008

On Sunday 6th July 2008 we took the full squad of nearly 100 Sussex Tornados to compete at Future Cheers National Competition. We entered Youth level 2, Junior Coed Cheer level 4 and Senior Coed Cheer level 5.

9th place- Youth Coed cheer.

2nd place- Junior Coed cheer

4th place- Senior Coed cheer.

This competition was mainly for our youth group who learn so much by watching others their age. As some are so young we cannot always take them away like we want to so they normally only get to do one competition a year. They did their best and we are proud of them as half of our youth group are only 5-7 yrs and are competing against a squad full of 12yr olds. We will be re arranging our groups for the next comp. We took the rest of the tornados along to support them as much as possible and have a warm up comp before Southern Classics later this year.

Juniors competed for the last time as a Coed squad as when we get back to training, all our boys will be in the Senior team, so we will be training our first Junior all girl routine. As a Coed they have performed better, i think the pressure of competing against the Asencion Eagles and the thought of it being their last Coed is enough to make any squad nervous and want to perform their best.

Seniors returned earlier this year from Scotland having competed against the best, so we were happy to finally be doing the same in England as the Seniors would normally be the only ones in the higher division. It was a very tough division and we knew before we even competed, what the results were gonna be. Team USA were amazing and once again so were the Eagles. Well done to all teams who competed at the weekend.